For people who are not familiar with how the construction industry works, constructing buildings is a very messy process, even home renovation and extension projects need to have cleaning performed at each stage of the process, especially during the final phase when the completed project is ready to be transferred to the property owners. Builders cleaning is specifically a service that is offered by commercial cleaners for the construction industry. It goes beyond standard office or house cleaning.

What is a builders clean and what does it include?

For people who would like to learn more about this kind of cleaning service, just keep reading this article. You will find that some cleaning companies that provide builders clean services do not always deliver on the promises they make and provide substandard service.

Builders Cleaning is not Regular Domestic Cleaning

Typically commercial and residential cleaning is basically not the same thing as builders clean. This is because unlike regular domestic cleaning, which gets done regularly, builders clean is conducted in two separate stages – the first stage is the rough cleaning and then the second stage is the final detailed cleaning.

Rough / Initial Cleaning Stage

Professional cleaners often work with building contractors directly. They will take over the responsibility of cleaning the areas where the tradespeople have finished their work. The initial cleaning includes getting rid of all of the rubbish, dust, and debris from the surfaces and floors – which is a task that construction labourers used to do. These days, many licensed builders prefer to hire professional cleaners to do this job, since they are able to do it less expensively, faster, and better compared to less experienced labourers.

Builders clean service gets rid of all dirt, dust, and rubbish from a building, along with any excess building materials that are lying around the site. After this is complete, the second stage of the cleaning process will begin – which is the final detail cleaning phase.

Final Detail Clean

Although the initial cleaning stage involves eliminating all unwanted materials and debris from a building, compared to typical house cleaning the final clan is a much more intensive process. First, it involves any trade-related defects, like splatter paint remaining on the walls, windows, and floors, in addition to remaining warehouse dust and grout haze on furnishings and appliances.

If fact, every single inch of a renovation project or recent is cleaned thoroughly from the top to the bottom before the property is handed over to the owner. That is why it is essential to entrust this type of work to professional commercial cleaning specialists.

If you are a builder who doesn’t want to disappoint your clients during the hand-over, hire a commercial cleaning specialist with a focus on offering builders cleaning services.

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