Mistakes committed while cleaning the house

We do accept the fact that cleaning itself is a very hectic task. There is nothing worse than spotting mistakes and errors in one of the most difficult chores. This is not about leaving some difficult places in the house like the corners and so on. These are the mistakes that we do without our knowledge in the cleaning procedures.

Using the same rag around the house

Even after applying some cleaning solution if the same rag is used in multiple spots the dirt from the already wiped surface gets stuck to the surface that is being wiped. To put things clear the dirt from the bathroom gets transferred to the kitchen and all the other areas of the house if we use the same rag. Cleaning with soap

Using feather duster

Many advertisements claim that the feather dusters are capable of locking and trapping the dust. But the truth is that they do not. Everyone needs to understand the fact that feathers are very soft and do not have any sort of properties that can hold or trap the dust.  It can only remove the dust from a particular spot. Hence the dust is removed from a spot and is transferred to another spot. These feather dusters are only suitable for dusting things that are outdoors.

Not Cleaning the Vacuum

This is one of the very common mistakes that is done by most of the people. Cleaning the vacuum cleaners is very much mandatory. Some might think that we sound like Monica Galler from Friends. It does not matter if it sounds funny. When the filter in the vacuum cleaner is not cleaned or replaced for a long time the ability to pick up the dust is reduced because of the decrease in the suction. Another issue is that dust and dirt are again blown back into the air that gets settled after some time. Rag

Using dishwasher for smaller kitchen tools

Everyone needs to understand the fact that the dishwashers are very much designed for cleaning large dishes. The small kitchen tools like garlic press and cheese grater have small and minute areas that need to given more concentration. So these small kitchen tools will not be cleaned properly if they are dumped in the dishwasher. There is no other option but to clean these tools with bare hands.

Placing the toilet brush back into the holder immediately

After cleaning the toilet, the toilet brush will be wet, dirty and full of germs. When you put the brush in the holder immediately after cleaning the toilet, there are good possibilities that the germs will get trapped in the holder. So actually you are providing the germs with a secure spot to grow and multiply. Next time when you use the brush the germs are again rubbed on the toilet. To avoid this wash the brush separately with a jet after using it. Then let it dry for sometime before placing it inside the holder.

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