Looking for After Builders Cleaning in Sydney?

Dove CS has partnered with Jimmy Phan from Pangs Builders Cleaning Services Sydney who have over 20 years post construction cleaning experience and offer their services to home owners and residential / commercial builders in Sydney.

Our after builders cleaners and have a proven, efficient system that simply works and guarantees your satisfaction

With their help of their professional cleaners, we assist you to remove all traces of builders dust, grout haze, paint, concrete, tape from all areas of your new home or renovation.

  • Construction Cleaning

  • Post-Construction Cleaning

  • Handover Final Cleaning

  • After Builders Cleaners in Sydney

Our Builders Cleaning Services Sydney include -

  • Deep cleaning and removal of all builder residue
  • Cleaning all fittings and fixtures
  • Cleaning all cabinets and upholstery cleaning
  • Bathroom / Toilets- Scrub and disinfect toilet, Scrub and disinfect bathroom floors; Clean and remove all lime scale from bath, showers and shower doors; Scrub and de-scale bathroom sinks; wipe all counters and clean mirrors.
  • Bedrooms and Lounge; Dusting, cleaning and polishing all wood furniture, scrub, bath and polish hard floors
  • Washing of balconies
  • Removing adhesives
  • Disposal of dust and rubbish from the building site
  • Deep cleaning of window from both inside and outside
  • Cleaning of all kitchen appliances
  • Use of pressure washers to clean interior and exteriors of the building
  • Deep cleaning of all windows frames and window sills
  • vacuuming and mopping of all tiled surfaces
  • Clean electrical fixtures
  • Cleaning all light switches and sockets
  • Carefullt removing all residue of building materials such as cement, paint etc from floors, frames, windows
  • Disposal of all dust t that might have settled on the walls and other surfaces
  • Deep cleaning all skirting boards, doors and door frames as well as all glass and mirrors
  • Clean tiles and cabinets in the bathroom
  • Vacuuming and mopping of all tiles and floorboards
  • Cleaning all common areas such as lobby, car park, corridors, and lifts

Why Choose Our Professional After Builders Cleaning in Sydney?

Our dedicated team of professional cleaners deliver satisfaction for both home owners and builder. With the ability to efficiently deliver fast thorough results every time, tight deadlines are fairly standard practice in the construction cleaning services in Sydney industry, with the cleaners being the final contractors the urgency to deliver great results in record time relies greatly on an organised and experienced Sydney After Builders Cleaning Services in Sydney.

Construction Cleaning Sydney

Every post construction clean in Sydney is different which is why we take the time to go through your specfic needs and will work closely with your builder to outline the job requirements and draw up the cleaning project management schedule. Once we’ve worked things out with your builder, our team of after construction and building cleaners go to work to turn your renovation or building project into a work of art that is presented to the highest standard.

Reliable Professional After Builders Cleaners in Sydney

•Through, reliable and experienced after renovation cleaning Sydney
•Quick turnaround services – Professional after builders cleaners
•Fair and competitive pricing – Sydney after builders and construction cleaning which is affordable
•An eye for detail on all projects – we know what you look for as a builder
•Customer friendly services
•Professionally trained cleaning experts – Our team of professional after builders cleaning will impress you
•Approved methods of cleaning, safe for pets and kids

Builders Cleaning services

We Clean Up The Mess Left by Your Builder

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